Poem: Conversation with the streets… (This was written in 2014, the relevance of this piece in my Community, today, left me in awe)

I had a conversation with the streets and this is what the streets said to me:

I wake up every morning to the fresh air
that sits in the atmosphere
Breathing in the light of the Sun when it is rising
I am in that morning state where i am calm
waiting for workers who walk daily towards their transports
to be taken to their Workplace
Many are early and
Many are Late
Some of them Wear this unusual face that screams
I hear them everyday
talking to their neighbors others
mingling with strangers
They are a part of me and
i am a part of them
They breathe in and
I exhale
They tell a story and
I digest the Details
We are one
We sweat when we smell Fear our
hearts beat faster when it gets dark
We get startled by the dogs when they bark
We don’t feel safe anymore
I no longer feel safe
I am trampled by those who call themselves Lions
using weapons to Roar
adding methylated spirits to my sores
i am even afraid of having flashbacks of what i saw
You See
I hold on tight to the street Lights
hoping they don’t see me
Deactivating my heartbeat so their ears don’t hear me
I no longer feel safe
I feel the skin of those who already have spots at a grave
everyone is crying for a lost soul
not knowing that i too, i am buried in the cemetery of fear and pain
when will it end?
when will we walk the streets freely?
when will we make a circle at the corner street light at night and
recite Poetry?
I no longer feel safe
because my Black Brothers are snatching the lives of their sisters and expecting home cooked food
because My Black Brothers are using their Brothers and Sisters as Tools to get a fix when their High breaks down
We no longer smile at each other
we look away hoping that tomorrow will be a better day writing
our stories cos the pen and page are the only mechanisms that activate the brave in us
I no longer feel safe because
Mental, Emotional and Physical Scars are the bars to this cage
I no Longer Feel Safe.

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